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    Diet Is Very Important For Our Health

    My name is Vereta, and I am a Certified Health, Nutrition, and Weight-loss Coach. I help individuals build a healthy relationship with food and exercise while making healthy lifestyle changes.

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    Nutrition Coaching Sessions Help You Maintain a Sustainable Lifestyle

    My desire to use my knowledge and personal experience of combining nutrition and exercise to help others, led me to become a certified health, nutrition, and fitness coach. Now I’m devoted to using my expertise and experiences of overcoming challenges with food, exercise, weight, and lifestyle to help others. I want to empower others with the tools I’ve learned to cultivate a healthy, balanced life that supports looking and feeling your best.

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    Overall, I lost 21 pounds!!! I feel energetic, comfortable, and confident. Thank you for all your amazing support and encouragements, you did it for me in just 9 weeks. Thank you very much.

    Claudine G

    When Vereta introduced me to the keto diet I was a bit skeptical, however, she gave me a synopsis of the diet which prompt me to sign up with her. What happened next few weeks is nothing short of a miracle. This is one investment I made with my health that I never regretted. I am down 20lbs, 15lbs more to go!!!!!! Way to go Ketogoodness team.

    Monifa, Life Coach

    After years and years of yo-yo dieting, binge eating I have successfully been able to transform my life around and lose over 15lbs in 3 weeks with the Keto diet!

    Vereta G

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